Sleep Better on an Adjustable Bed

Sleep Better on an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are no longer found just in hospitals or convalescent facilities. Increasing numbers of both couples and single people are discovering that lifestyle options made possible by adjustable beds can add a whole new dimension to everyday living. These motorized, multi-hinged platforms have transformed bedrooms into more than just the parts of homes that were once reserved primarily for sleeping.

Unlike conventional sleeping platforms, adjustable beds, which are available in all standard mattress sizes from twin to California King, allow the sleeper or sleepers to independently raise or lower the mattress’s head and foot at the push of a button for optimum sleeping comfort. The bed’s height can also be adjusted to make getting in and out of bed easier.

The mattress industry has been actively promoting adjustable beds through advertising campaigns, designed to make consumers aware of the added comfort and lifestyle options they provide when compared to conventional beds. Each of Sit ‘n Sleep’s conveniently located Southern California sleep centers carries a full selection of adjustable bed platforms at prices to fit every budget. In addition to our proprietary Sit ‘n Sleep line, we also carry adjustable beds from several well-known manufacturers, including Serta, Sherwood Tempur and Beautyrest.

Comfort and Convenience of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are much more than a bed for sleeping. Here are some benefits you will enjoy when introducing an adjustable bed to your home:

Watching Television – Adjust the bed to raise the head, neck and shoulders to a comfortable, semi-upright position for enjoying your favorite TV show or binge-watch a hit series. With an adjustable bed, there’s no longer the need to double over or stack pillows for support. There’s also no need to endure the pain of a stiff neck or backache resulting from the head and neck leaning against a headboard at an unnatural angle. The lower legs and feet can be independently lifted or lowered to a position that’s the most comfortable.

Surf the Web in Comfort – Motorized adjustable beds allow you to find a comfortable, ergonomically correct position at the push of a button on a wired or wireless adjustable bed remote. Catch up on work, shop for bargains online, play games or enjoy your favorite hobby, all from the comfort and privacy of your bedroom.

Enjoy Sound, Relaxing Sleep – The number of possible sleeping positions adjustable beds can provide are virtually limitless. You’ll quickly discover the right height, degree of incline and the amount the head or feet need to be raised or lowered to provide relaxing, uninterrupted sleep night after night.

Great for Sleeping with a Partner – Is your partner ready to sleep, but you’re still wide awake watching a show or working on your laptop? No Problem! With a divided, or split-base King or California King bed such as a TEMPUR Up Foundation, he or she can lower his or her side of the bed to a comfortable position and drift off to sleep while you continue to work away. When you’re ready to call it a night, adjust your side of the bed to your preferred sleeping position without disturbing your partner.

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable frame beds provide relief for sufferers from a multitude of ailments, including neck and spinal disorders, heartburn and acid reflux, respiratory diseases and circulatory problems. Adjustable beds offer the ability to raise your head, neck and shoulders to a comfortable position, give spinal support exactly where it’s needed and elevate your legs and feet. What once were sleepless nights spent tossing and turning and awakening each morning with back or neck pain become nights of sound, uninterrupted sleep that leaves you relaxed and refreshed come morning.

Buying an Adjustable Bed

Sit ‘n Sleep has a huge selection of adjustable beds. Visit one of our 38 sleep centers conveniently located throughout Southern California and speak with one of our highly trained Sleep Consultants who’ll help you find the right adjustable bed and mattress combination for your unique situation. Our huge inventory, low price guarantee, free local delivery and financing options make Sit ‘n Sleep the right choice for all your sleeping needs.

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