Students Save 10% During Our Back to School Sale

Back to School Mattress Sale

Summer’s coming to a close and the new school year begins shortly, which means it’s time for our annual student discount sale. Show your high school or college ID and receive 10% off our already discounted prices on mattresses, frames, bedding and accessories.

Whether you’re going away to school for the first time or are a graduate student, sound, restful sleep is essential to maintaining good health and achieving peak academic performance. Sleeping well starts with the right mattress and support system.

Dormitory Living

Most college dormitories and fraternity and sorority houses sleeping areas have twin or twin XL beds with thin, lumpy mattresses. Worse than being uncomfortable, think about how many people have slept on the same mattress and the bacteria, perspiration, bodily fluids and accidental spills it’s absorbed over the years!

Most schools have rules against students supplying their own mattresses, although there are still measures you can take for better sleeping, such as adding a cushioned mattress topper for increased support. A mattress cover will help contain allergens, bed bugs, dust mites and other critters that may be inside the mattress. Coordinated sheets, pillowcases and shams allow you to personalize your dorm room without breaking any of the campus rules.

Living Off Campus

Off campus living sometimes involves an unfurnished apartment with a bedroom lacking a bed, mattress and bedding. Unless it’s a large bedroom, Twin or Twin XL mattresses and beds are recommended, since they take up less space than the alternatives. Primarily for people less than 5’ 5” tall, a Standard Twin mattress measuring 38” by 75” should be fine. A Twin XL bed and mattress combination makes a better choice for taller people. Twin XL mattresses are the same 38” width as a Standard Twin, but are five inches longer.

Picking The Right Mattress

Whether you’ll be sleeping in a dorm or in an off campus residence, a good night’s rest starts with a mattress that’s right for your height, weight, body type. Also consider your sleeping position and whether you have back, neck or shoulder pain. This information on some of the Twin and Twin XL mattress types available at all Sit ‘n Sleep Mattress Superstores will guide you to picking what’s right for you:

  • Firm and Extra Firm Mattresses offer the most support. They are often preferred by people with back and neck problems. Firm mattresses help keep the spine properly aligned, lessening lower back pain by relaxing the back muscles. A mattress that’s too firm, however, may actually cause or worsen back pain. Because of their extra support, stomach sleepers and people with circulatory problems often choose firm mattresses.
  • Cushion Firm mattresses provide a blend of softness, support and comfort. Cushion firm mattresses are firm mattresses with a soft, cushiony layer on top. Sometimes called Pillow Top mattresses, they’re often chosen by people who need some support but find firm mattresses uncomfortable.
  • Plush mattresses combine the best of Firm, Extra Firm and Cushion Firm mattresses and you arrive here. Plush mattresses are often chosen by people who sleep on their backs or sides. They offer a soft sleeping surface, but still support the neck, shoulders and back. Stomach sleepers, however might need more spinal support than Plush mattresses provide.
  • Ultra Plush mattresses are the most luxurious mattresses available. Preferred by side sleepers and those who toss and turn during the night, the ultra plush mattress provides an ideal balance of comfort, softness and support. Stomach sleepers, however, tend to choose firmer mattresses that keep the spine from sagging.

Buying a Student Sleep System

All 38 Southern California Sit ‘n Sleep locations carry a huge selection of quality twin mattresses from well-known manufacturers such as Aireloom, Sealy, Beautyrest and more. Our knowledgeable Sleep Consultants are available seven days a week to help you choose the mattress size, type and support combination that most closely meet your school year sleeping needs and fit your student budget. Use your 10% student discount for even greater savings on our already deeply discounted mattresses, bedding and accessories.What’s more, we offer free local delivery. Rest assured that when you buy a mattress at Sit ‘n Sleep, you’ll sleep well throughout the school year.

For more information, see our Best Bed for College Students article.

The 10% discount applies only to high school, college and graduate-school students with a valid school identification card. Tempur-Pedic and iComfort products are excluded.

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