Choosing The Right Mattress

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If you feel a little uncomfortable about shopping for a new mattress, you’re not alone. Most people only shop for a mattress once every decade – if that – so it’s understandable if you’re not completely sure what style or size of mattress you should be looking to purchase. That’s why Sit ‘n Sleep has compiled this list of a few of the important things you should consider to find a mattress that delivers the comforting and rejuvenating sleep you deserve.

It’s important to know the size of the bed that’s right for you and your sleeping partner. Rule of thumb: If you are over 5′ 5″ you should look for a queen or larger because a full-size bed is made for people less than 5′ 5″. Also, you should think ahead. If you don’t currently have a sleep partner, but you think you may have one in the next 5 to 7 years, you should consider looking into purchasing a larger size to save having to buy another mattress in the near future. Also, make sure that you measure the space in your bedroom so you can find a mattress that not only fits your body’s needs but also allows you to move about your bedroom freely.

If you have a sleep partner or are buying a bed for someone else, make sure that you bring them along to the store with you. It’s rare for two people to have the same body type, so it’s essential for the health of both partners that you find a mattress that accommodates both of your needs. If both of you have very different needs, don’t worry because some brands make mattresses that cater to more than one comfort level or body type. It is also very important to make sure both parties agree on the type of mattress before it’s purchased or else one partner could end up tossing and turning all night, disrupting the other’s sleep for years to come.

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When you get to the store, take some time to lay on different types, brands and styles of mattresses. Nowadays there are memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, innerspring mattresses and even hybrid mattresses. Want to know how much support your mattress is going to give you? Just check the coil count. Typically, the wider the coils, the more support they will provide. It may seem confusing, but the lower the gauge number, the thicker the coils. A 13-gauge coil will provide more support and less motion transfer than a 15-gauge coil system. Be sure to ask your Sit ‘n Sleep Sleep Consultant for the specs of the mattress before making your purchase.

Now the big question: Are you looking for a firm mattress that offers maximum support or a soft mattress that has more of a cradling effect? As a rule of thumb, larger individuals tend to choose a firmer mattress because they better support a larger build. Smaller individuals should try softer mattresses because they don’t have as much weight to displace. Also, if you find you have chronic back pain, a firmer mattress may help relieve pressure from the hips and lower back.

When you find a mattress you like on the showroom floor, take 5 or 10 minutes to get comfortable on the bed, just as you would in your own home. If you sleep on your stomach, turn over and see how it feels. If you find that you spend a lot of time working on your computer in bed, prop yourself up with some pillows and try the mattress out that way. You will spend one third of your life sleeping on your mattress so it’s crucial for you to take the time to thoroughly feel it out.

It is recommended that when you purchase your new mattress, you also purchase the box spring. This is for a number of reasons. Many times, a manufacturer’s warranty is voided if you are not using their box spring to ensure the mattress is being protected and given proper support. Also, if your mattress needs replacing, your box spring most likely does too. Because they age the same, a box spring and mattress set are meant to be paired together. An out-of-shape box spring will work against many of the positive benefits that come with purchasing a new mattress.

Lastly, be sure to ask plenty of questions and take all the time you need when you purchase your mattress. Sit ‘n Sleep’s Sleep Consultants have undergone months of training and factory visits to learn everything there is to know about how mattresses are made and the best way for you to get a healthy night’s rest. Ask questions, that’s what they’re there for!

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