Five Reasons to Get the Best Mattress You Can Afford

Considering we spent one-third of our lives in bed, it is hardly surprising that 92 percent of people polled by the National Sleep Foundation said that a comfortable mattress is crucial to a good night’s sleep. Yet, if we spent the same amount of time in your car, you can be darned sure you would get the most comfortable seats you could afford.

So, why should you buy the best possible mattress? Why can’t you just sleep on the couch? Here are a few things to think about.

Five Reasons to Get the Best Mattress You Can Afford

Five Reasons to Get the Best Mattress You Can Afford

1.    Neither your couch nor the environment it is in are ergonomically designed for sleep. The room may be noisy, the couch may be small and awkward to change positions. If you really need the hypnotic effect of the television to put you to sleep, put a TV in your bedroom and tuck yourself in before you start to feel sleepy.

2.    How do you define the perfect mattress? Experts at the Sleep to Live Institute say that the terms “soft” and “firm” are very subjective and depending on who is doing the sleeping. To take the extreme case, an elephant and a mouse would probably have different impressions about the same mattress. Secondly, your physical state when you are buying a mattress in a store is completely different from while you are asleep.

3.    While you are asleep, you lose skeletal muscle tone. Your opinion of a mattress in the store is therefore going to be completely different from when you sleep all night. This is not to suggest that you turn up at the furniture store with your jammies and hot water bottle. You should, however, give a mattress a good 15 or 20 minutes’ “trial time.” Just try not to doze off in the process!

4.    Over time, your mattress will accumulatedust mites, microscopic creatures that feed on the dead skin cells that you, as a member of the human race, will naturally shed. Some people, like asthmatics, are allergic to them. Advice here is to change and wash your bedding frequently and find an anti-allergy mattress cover. It also helps to vacuum the mattress once in a while.

5.    How often should you replace your mattress? Sleep experts, the people who concentrate on sleeping for two-thirds of their working days, suggest every seven to 10 years. This is not a cynical ploy to sell more mattresses. You want to change it before it starts to lose support. This applies equally to firm, foam mattresses as it does to ordinary spring mattresses.

Having the right mattress is important for optimum health and productivity. Be aware of the five reasons for making sure you have the best mattress. Just don’t lose any sleep over it!

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