Get to Know Your Sleep Consultants: Alex Smith

know your sleep consultants

We know buying a mattress can be a daunting task, especially for first-timers. There’s nothing like having a friend with you to calm your nerves and make an experience better. To help you out, we want to introduce you to our Sleep Consultants so when you come to our stores, you’ll have a friend waiting for you there.

Meet Alex Smith from our Puente Hills store. He’s one of our “newbies” with 7 months at Sit ‘n Sleep under his belt. We’re so glad he got into the “family business” at Sit ‘n Sleep!

Q: What mattress do you have?

A: Prestige from Sherwood

Q: Do you have a dream mattress?

A: Aireloom – Luxury Firm. Literally, any bed made by Aireloom, as long as it matches my support color (provided by bedMATCH). They all feel fantastic to me!

Q: Why did you choose to work at Sit ‘n Sleep?

A: Family. My Father works here. My uncle works here. My cousin works here. Sit ‘n Sleep is family! Larry is family and treats his employees like family.

Q: Do you have any sleep habits?

A: I toss and turn. I sleep in every position. Stomach, side, back…upside down! Lol, seriously though I am a mover.

Q: When you go to a hotel or sleep at a friend’s house, do you try to see or guess what kind of mattress it is?

A: Yes. Haha, but I do it by sitting on it or laying on it.

Q: Do you jump on the beds?

A: What!? Never…

Q: Do your pets sleep in bed with you?

A: Sometimes she sneaks in bed… SMH!

Q: What do you do when you’re not working? Any hobbies?

A: Sleep!! 🙂  Seriously though, I love to just have lazy days, watching my favorite shows while cuddling up in bed. It’s just sublime!

Q: What’s one thing you want guests to know before coming in?

A: Shopping for something you’re going to be keeping for 8-10 years is a big deal. Selecting your new mattress can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  Sit ‘n Sleep has everything you need to make it easy! bedMATCH helps everyone make sure they get proper alignment and support from their new mattress.  Then, our Sleep Consultants will help guide you through the showroom to find the comfort level that you prefer. With our Sleep Consultants, you’re in the most qualified and helping hands in the industry. We are here for you!!

Q: Why do you love working at Sit ‘n Sleep?

A: The family atmosphere and values of the company come from the top down. Honesty and integrity are very important to everyone her. Each one of the “higher-ups”, not just Larry and Nelson (but especially them), care about us and we know it. All of us here at Sit ‘n Sleep feel taken care of and we would like to extend that same feeling. Come be a part of our family!

Come meet Alex live and in person at our Puente Hills location!

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