How to Give a Mattress as a Gift

How to Give a Mattress as a Gift

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of sleep to someone on your Christmas list. Whether the recipient is your spouse, a family member, or a friend, giving a mattress as a gift is an incredible thing. People spend about a third of their day sleeping, so a gifted mattress will be very well used and very much appreciated by anyone on your list. There are a few ways that you can go about bestowing the gift of sleep upon a loved one this Christmas.

Buy a Gift Card

Perhaps the easiest way to give a mattress as a gift is through the use of a gift card. You can purchase a gift card of several different amounts so that the gift receiver can use it as he or she pleases. The best way to buy a mattress gift card for someone is to purchase an amount around some of the more expensive mattresses that the store offers. That way, the person’s mattress choices are not limited, and if they do choose to purchase a more inexpensive mattress, they can use the remaining gift card balance for sheets, pillows, or other accessories.

Take Them Shopping

While there may not be as much surprise involved, taking a loved one shopping for a new mattress is a great way to spend time with that person and give a great gift. Encourage your loved one to try out different types of mattresses, and check out all the accessories that can be purchased with each different mattress. Let them know if they have a “spending limit” or if their options include anything and everything in the mattress store.

Take a Guess

This may be a slightly more imprecise option, but if you really want to surprise your loved one and be able to give them their mattress on a particular day or in a specific way, you can simply go to a mattress store and take a guess at what kind of mattress they might want. Ask the store associates about their most popular mattresses, and be sure to let them know if the person you’re buying for has any particular complaints about his or her current mattress.

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