How to Stay Cool Through Hot Summer Nights

Everyone knows that getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis is essential for waking up relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the day. Sleeping well is also necessary for maintaining good health, well-being and quality of life. If you’re like most people, however, falling and staying asleep on hot summer nights can be challenging, especially when the humidity is high, the air is still and the home and bedroom aren’t air-conditioned.

In some areas of the country, temperatures on sultry summer evenings can reach 90° Fahrenheit or more inside a house without air conditioning. Hot nighttime temperatures make it even harder to fall asleep, leaving the home’s sleep-deprived occupants tossing, turning and perspiring throughout the long night. Adding a small, window-mounted air conditioner would obviously alleviate the situation, but aside from the cost of the unit, ACs consume lots of expensive energy as utility rates continue to soar.

Keeping Your Cool Even When It’s Hot 

The quality and duration of sleep are directly affected by the ambient temperature in the area surrounding the sleeper’s body. When it’s time to go to sleep, the natural sleep-wake cycle automatically lowers the body’s core temperature, which causes drowsiness and leads to sleep. As morning approaches, the body’s core temperature gradually rises, which helps the sleeper wake up refreshed and alert. Extremely high temperatures, however, can interfere with the body’s natural heating and cooling processes, making it difficult to fall and stay asleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal room temperature for sleeping is between 65° and 70°F. Temperatures above 75°F make it difficult for most people to fall and stay asleep.

There are, however, some simple steps you can take to make summertime sleeping more comfortable. Installing a ceiling fan or using one or more portable fans will keep the air within the bedroom circulating. Placing a fan in front of an open window will draw the hot air from the sleeping area and push it outside. If your bedroom has a ceiling fan, set it to rotate counterclockwise and turn the speed on high. This will force the hot air down and create a slight wind chill effect as it flows over the body.

If your house has a shady side, open the windows in the morning to let the cool air in until the sun hits this side of the house. Close all windows and keep the blinds drawn as the day begins to heat up and the outside air becomes hotter than the air within the house. Doing this will help hold down the temperature inside the house. Open the windows at night If the temperature outside falls lower than the temperature inside.

Other measures include avoiding sleepwear or bed clothing made from polyester, since they will retain heat and moisture, causing a long, already restless night to be even more uncomfortable. Light cotton, linen and other breathable materials are far better choices for summertime sleeping. You’ll find them among the extensive selection of reasonably priced quality sheets and pillowcases at all Sit ‘n Sleep Southern California Sleep Centers. Taking a cold shower or soaking in a cool bath just before going to bed can also help reduce the body’s core temperature, which will make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

The Right Sleep System Can Help You Stay Cool

Sleeping on the right mattress and using the right pillows can also help keep you comfortable on hot summer nights. Technological advances in recent years have resulted in the development of new textiles and materials used to construct mattresses and pillows that are comfortable, provide the right amount of support and help sleepers keep cool on warm nights.

Mattresses. An example of modern technology used to make mattress that allow people to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily in hot weather is TEMPUR-pedic®’s new TEMPUR-ProBreeze® Medium Hybrid Mattress. In addition to offering outstanding support and unbeatable comfort, the TEMPUR-ProBreeze comes with TEMPUR’s removable and washable SmartClimate® Dual Cover System that feels cool to the touch from the moment your body touches its surface.

The ProBreeze has an internal layer of TEMPUR-Pedic’s exclusive  PureCool+™ Phase Change Material, which continually absorbs excess body heat and maximizes airflow throughout the night. Heat and humidity that would otherwise be trapped under the bedclothes are cycled out of the mattress as you sleep, resulting in the Tempur-ProBreeze being a full  3°F cooler than ordinary mattresses.

The Tempur-ProBreeze Medium Hybrid Mattress is available in sizes ranging from twin to California king, and comes with a 10-year full replacement warranty. It’s one of several cooling mattresses available at all 38 Sit ‘n Sleep Mattress Superstores conveniently located throughout Southern California.

Pillows. Combining a TEMPUR-Adapt Pro-Med+® Cooling Pillow with a TEMPUR-ProBreeze mattress will make it even easier to fall and stay asleep on sultry mid-summer nights. Filled with exclusive Tempur-Material®, the pressure-relieving, medium profile Adapt Pro Med+ pillow conforms comfortably to your head, neck and shoulders for truly personalized support. As with the Tempur-ProBreeze mattress, the TEMPUR-Adapt Pro-Med+ pillow comes with a removable knit cover that remains cool to the touch even after repeated washings. TEMPUR cooling pillows come in King and Queen sizes, are available in extra soft, soft and firm versions, and include a 5-year limited warranty.

Add Cooling Comfort to any Mattress and Pillow Combination

An easy and affordable way to enjoy the benefits of sleeping on a cool surface while extending the life of your mattress and pillows is to add a PureCare™ FRIO® Cool Pack Kit to your sleep system.

Available online and all Sit ‘n Sleep outlets, the Cool Pack Kit comes with PureCare’s Antimicrobial Silver Total Encasement mattress cover woven from lightweight OmniGuard® Advance fabric. Ideal for allergy sufferers, the cover’s exclusive MiteTight® sealed seams provide 6-sided protection against allergens, bed bugs and mites, while resisting moisture, stains, mildew and mold. The locking zipper system makes it easy to remove the cover for laundering.

The Kit also includes a PureCare FRIO 5-sided mattress liner that can be used with  memory foam, innerspring, gel or latex mattresses, plus one or two PureCare FRIO Pillow Protectors, depending upon the package you choose. Both are made from the same OmniGuard Advance fabric as the Total Encasement mattress cover. The fabric, which is woven from fibers infused with crushed minerals keeps heat from accumulating by drawing it away from the sleeping surface 5 times faster than polyester liners. The result is a sleeping surface that’s noticeably cooler than mattresses with conventional covers. All FRIO Cool Kit components come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Regardless of the temperature or time of year, you’ll find everything you need in the way of mattresses, pillows, bed linens and sleep accessories at Sit ‘n Sleep mattress superstores. Stop by one of our 38 Southern California retail outlets or visit us online. Our knowledgeable sleep consultants will be pleased to help you with all your sleeping needs.

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