How to Wake Up at Work

Whether you stayed up too late trying to put that baby back to sleep or you have an active night life, some days are harder than other to conquer work. If your cup of coffee isn’t cutting it and you feel like crawling under your desk to go back to sleep, here are some tips to prevent you from catching some z’s at your desk.

  1. Exercise

It may seem strange to exercise in front of your coworkers, but a few jumping jacks or yoga will get your heart pumping. Running up and down the stairs or even go on a quick brisk walk will help. It will not only help you wake up, but also clear your mind so you can get back to work feeling refreshed.

  1. Have a Snack

We don’t mean grabbing something from the fast food joint, but having something like an apple of a granola bar may be just what your body needed to refuel your energy.

  1. Go Outside

Staring at a computer screen and dealing with florescent lights can get old and some fresh air and sunshine will do your body some good. Fresh air can change the scenery and stimulate your brain.

  1. Watch an Online Video

There are 2 types of videos that are good for waking you up; comedy or an exciting movie trailer. Catch some laughs on YouTube or check out the next horror film trailer to get your adrenaline pumping.

  1. Jump on a Call

Talking to a friend, family member or a co-worker may give you that much needed stimulation to carry a regular conversation to wake you up.

  1. Play a Game

An online game will force you to focus, get a little competitive and wake up your noggin.

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