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Need Help Sleeping? Follow Expert Advice

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  January 17, 2020

Category: Sleep Tips
At Sit ‘n Sleep, we’re serious about the science of sleep. We regularly consult with experts, from sleep doctors to mattress designers, about the conditions that lead to good or bad sleep. We want to understand exactly what goes into creating a quality night of rest so that we can deliver exactly that experience for everyone we serve. In the end, our goal is to help you sleep soundly night after night. We recently contacted sleep experts from across the country to ask some of the most common sleep-related questions and concerns we hear. Many people have the same sleep

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Health in 2020

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  January 2, 2020

Category: Sleep Tips
It’s the start of a new year, a new decade, and potentially a new you! One of the most positive changes you can make at the start of 2020 is committing to better sleep health. Sleep affects your mental and physical well-being in deep ways, making it essential to get enough rest on a nightly basis. If you do, you will start to feel better, look better, and want to live fully day in and day out. Follow these five expert-approved tips for developing healthy sleep habits. Create a Routine No matter what you do to improve your sleep, do

Tips to Get Better Sleep During the Holidays

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  December 13, 2019

Category: Sleep Tips
The holiday season is full of hustle, bustle, fun, and festivity. With so much going on, you might find yourself without enough time for sleep, or struggling to fall asleep when you do have the time. Don’t worry, this is common. One survey found that the majority of respondents (57%) slept poorly during the holiday season. Whether because of stress or excitement, it’s normal to lose some sleep around this time of year. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy – or unavoidable. Make sure you’re resting enough to keep the holidays merry and bright by following these seasonal sleep tips.

Guest Bedroom Essentials

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  December 2, 2019

Category: Sleep Tips
For most people, their guest bedroom is an afterthought. It’s a space that only gets used occasionally, or does double duty as a home gym or office. As long as there’s a bed somewhere with a clean set of sheets on top, people assume the guest bedroom is ready for anyone to stay overnight. Whether guests actually sleep well though, is a toss-up. It makes perfect sense that you invest more in making your own bedroom a sleep sanctuary than you do your guest bedroom. But that doesn’t mean you can neglect the space where your guests stay the night.

How Yoga Can Help You Sleep

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  November 8, 2019

Category: Sleep Tips
Yoga helps with just about everything. Physically, it can make you stronger, improve your balance, and enhance your flexibility. Mentally, it can help you feel calm, relaxed, and focused. Up to 36 million Americans practice yoga and it’s not hard to see why – it makes you feel better. Another way yoga helps is by supporting your natural sleep needs. According to one national survey, more than 55% of respondents said doing yoga improved their sleep. In this article, we will be diving into the reasons why, and showing how you can use yoga to improve your own sleep. The

Tips for a Better Cat Nap

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  November 5, 2019

Category: Sleep Tips
When you see a cat napping away the day in a sunny spot, it’s hard not to be a little jealous. For most of us, a nap is a rare luxury and one that we only have a short time to enjoy. Unfortunately, the more you want to get to sleep, the harder it can be. If that sounds familiar, there are ways to take a better cat nap on those infrequent occasions when you actually get the chance. Get to sleep sooner and stay asleep for as long as your nap allows with these tips. Dos You can’t will

Sleeping Tips for Daylight Savings Time

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  October 18, 2019

Category: Sleep Tips
Love it or hate it, Daylight Savings Time is a fact of life. The tradition of setting the clock forward an hour each spring and backward an hour each fall first began as an energy conservation measure in WW1. Whether it’s still useful is debatable, but one thing is certain – daylight savings time wreaks havoc on sleep schedules. The problem is not so pronounced in the fall. When the clocks roll back in the middle of the night we all gain an hour of sleep the next morning. But the opposite is true in the spring when we all

Pregnancy Sleep Tips

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  October 9, 2019

Category: Sleep Tips
Pregnant women need plenty of quality sleep to support their own health and the health of the baby. Unfortunately, as the pregnancy advances and sleep becomes even more important, it also becomes harder and harder to rest at night. If you are pregnant and struggling to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night, use these tips to get the vital rest you need. Hydrate the Right Way You need to drink lots of water (more than normal) throughout your pregnancy, but you don’t want to disturb your sleep for nighttime bathroom visits. Drink as much as possible during the

How Often Should You Buy a New Mattress?

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  October 3, 2019

Category: Sleep Tips
Let’s say you sleep in your bed for 8 hours a night for 365 days straight. At the end of the year, you have spent almost 3,000 hours lying on your mattress. Considering how much time you spend sleeping (plus lounging) on your mattress, it’s not surprising that it wears out eventually. The harder question is – how long does it take before a mattress really needs replacement? The answer depends on a lot of factors: the mattress quality, the amount you sleep, your sleep style, whether you sleep with a partner, etc. The National Sleep Foundation recommends changing your

Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  October 2, 2019

Category: Sleep Tips
Traveling abroad gives you the chance to interact with new cultures and experience breathtaking sights. It’s an exciting opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and normal routine, but it has one major drawback: jet lag. When you travel across two or more time zones, it interrupts your circadian rhythms (your body’s natural sleep cycle). When you’re abroad, you start sleeping and waking at times that are out of sync with your home routine. Over the course of your trip, you get used to this new sleep schedule, so it’s a shock to your system when you travel home