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Three Top Benefits of an Adjustable Mattress

Posted by Sit n' Sleep on  October 31, 2012

Category: Sleep Tips
Getting a good night’s rest means more than just waking up alert and ready for the day. It means taking care of your body, staving off health problems, and healing the body through the natural restorative process that takes place during sleep. But why sit in unnatural positions and scrunch up pillows just to get comfortable on your bed? Adjustable mattress technology has grown in popularity recently which allows for a more personalized sleep experience. Read on to find out about three great benefits of adjustable mattresses:  1.      You Won’t Disturb Your Partner Reading, working, or watching television in bed is easier

Three Reasons to Replace Your Old Mattress

Posted by Sit N Sleep on  October 23, 2012

Category: Sleep Tips
If you are suffering anything from sleeplessness to back pain to allergies, the cause might be your mattress. Did you know it’s recommended that you replace your mattress every eight years? Why? Your mattress ages over time, and this leads to some serious issues.  Here are three reasons why you’ll want to retire your old mattress now: 1. Mattresses Get Dirty One of the first things to happen to a new mattress is that it simply gets dirty. Over time, oils and sweat from our sleeping bodies will get into the mattress and sometimes even make it start to smell.

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