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Sleep Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

sleep mistakes

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  June 25, 2021

Category: Sleep Tips
It’s no secret, sleep is critical to our health and well-being. There are so many benefits that come with getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many people still don’t make sleep a priority in their life. The CDC reports that 1 in 3 adults don’t get the sleep they need. This can lead to various issues and difficulties with your health. Often times, people make sleep mistakes without even realizing they’re doing so. Here are some of the most common sleep mistakes you may not know you’re making. The Top 5 Sleep Mistakes Snoozing after your alarm We’re all guilty

5 Sleep Disorders You Should Know About

sleep disorders you should know about

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  June 22, 2021

Category: Sleep Tips
Sleep disorders can negatively affect your sleep and everyday life. There are currently more than 100 documented sleep disorders. Here are 5 sleep disorders you should know about. 5 Sleep Disorders You Should Know About Sleep Disorder #1: Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) If you have PLMD, you may experience jerking, cramping, or twitching of your lower limbs while you sleep. The involuntary movements happen every 5 to 90 seconds for up to an hour. Even if you don’t wake up during an episode, these movements will disrupt your sleep cycle. Often, your partner will be the one to alert

10 Secrets of Sleep to Help Get a Better Night’s Sleep

secrets of sleep to help get a better night's sleep

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  June 7, 2021

Category: Sleep Tips
A great night’s sleep can deliver significant benefits. However, not everyone can easily fall asleep. As a result, many folks are at risk for developing health issues. But there’s hope. Here are 10 secrets of sleep to help you enjoy consistent rest night after night. The Top Secrets Of Sleep 1. Develop A Sleep Routine Going to bed at the same time each night enables a person to get into a regular sleep routine. 2. Limit Naps During the Day Reducing or eliminating naps may make it easier to feel tired at the end of the day, resulting in restful

Is Your Mattress Too Soft? Here’s what you can do.

is your mattress too soft

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  May 24, 2021

Category: Mattresses, Sleep Tips
The phrase “soft mattress” sounds so appealing. Thoughts of sinking into a nice plush mattress or the cliché of sleeping on a cloud. Who wouldn’t want that? Well it turns out there is such thing as a mattress that’s too soft. Despite how comfy they sound, a soft mattress can have you waking up in a lot of pain. That’s why it’s important to make sure your mattress is not too soft. In addition you should look to see which firmness level is right for you and your sleeping position. Signs That Indicate A Mattress Is Too Soft The banana

Digital Sleep Trackers. Are They Worth It?

digital sleep trackers

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  May 10, 2021

Category: Sleep Tips
Modern technology can help improve virtually every aspect of our lives, including exercise habits and physical condition. However, digital tracking devices aren’t limited to monitoring walking, jogging or other daytime exercise and fitness activities. Many people who consistently have trouble sleeping are now using digital sleep trackers. The tracker lets them record the time they fall asleep as well as when and how often they wake up. Furthermore, they can see how much time they actually spend sleeping during the night. Types of Digital Sleep Trackers and What They Detect The most common digital sleep trackers are wearable wristbands and

How Often Should You Buy a New Mattress?

how often should you buy a new mattress

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  April 26, 2021

Category: Sleep Tips
How often should you buy a new mattress? It’s a question we get a lot. Let’s say you sleep in your bed for 8 hours a night for 365 days straight. At the end of the year, you have spent almost 3,000 hours lying on your mattress. Considering how much time you spend sleeping (plus lounging) on your mattress, it’s not surprising that it wears out eventually. The harder question is – how long does it take before a mattress really needs replacement? The answer is “it depends.” Factors like mattress quality, the amount you sleep, sleep style, and sleeping

How Sleep Benefits Your Body In Surprising Ways

surprising sleep benefits

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  April 12, 2021

Category: Sleep Tips
Sleep benefits your body in more ways than you might think A good night’s sleep does more than just have you waking up feeling rested and ready to start the day. It may come as a surprise, but sleep offers many benefits that seemingly have nothing to do with energy levels. Here are some of the more interesting and surprising ways sleep benefits your body. Sleep benefits your memory Let’s start with one of the most important parts of your body: your brain. The proper amount of sleep does wonders for your brain function. Sleep can help you process new

Improving Your Self Care. Taking care of you.

improving your self care
Let’s face it, we often neglect ourselves in order to take care of everyone and everything else. But if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to take better care of our health and wellness. Here are some tips for improving your self care. 16 Tips For Improving Self Care Drink more water Drinking water has so many benefits. From helping you lose weight, to providing more energy, to pain relief ­– water is big help in improving self care. While drinking eight cups a day has been the longstanding rule, it tends to be more individualized

Most Interesting Facts About Beds: Our Top List

most interesting facts about beds

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  March 12, 2021

Category: Sleep Tips
From mind-blowing to head-scratching, check out our top 8 most interesting facts about beds. The most interesting facts about beds that will surprise you. Beds have come a long way since humans first started using them to (attempt to) get a good night’s rest. Beds have been reinvented time and again with different mattresses, materials and technology. You might think you know your bed, after all, you spend a third of your life on it. Here’s our top eight most interesting facts about beds. The Top 8 Most Interesting Facts About Beds Interesting Fact #1: King Tut was buried on

How Exercising Improves Sleep

how exercising improves sleep

Posted by Sit 'n Sleep on  March 5, 2021

Category: Sleep Tips
Exercising improves sleep in a few different ways. Learn how you can make the most of your time training. There’s a bidirectional relationship between exercise and sleep. While many athletes focus on the benefits sleep provides for their performance, there are implications that exercising improves sleep. The Stages Of Sleep Before we dive deeper into the correlation between sleep and exercise, let’s first explore how sleep actually works. There are two different kinds of sleep: rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). While REM sleep consists of just one stage, there are actually three different stages of NREM