Mattress Technology In 2022

mattress technology in 2022

Mattresses have come a long way. Gone are the days of animal hides stuffed with straw, leaves, feathers, horsehair or other loose fillings. Today’s mattress technology contains various combinations of coil springs, polyurethane foams, polyester fibers, latex and other manmade and natural materials.

However, with all the mattress technology and combinations to choose from, selecting a mattress can be overwhelming. New mattress innovations and designs are constantly emerging. As a result, choosing a mattress that meets the sleeper’s unique needs can be even more difficult. These technological advancements, however, will help improve sleeper comfort and overall physical and mental well-being.

A Brief History of Mattress Technology

Coil spring bedding’s arrival in the early 20th century was the mattress industry’s most significant leap forward in technology. Early innerspring mattresses used a series of steel coils covered with wool, natural fibers or soft fabric for padding. Eventually, polyurethane-filled memory foam mattresses became available in the 1980s and started to replace innerspring mattresses. Today’s choices include mattresses made from organic fibers, natural or synthetic latex, gels and hybrid combinations. However, innerspring mattresses continue to lead in sales over other types.

Recent Advancements in Mattress Technology

Perennial mattress industry innovator Beautyrest claims to be the first manufacturer to offer “no flip” mattresses. They’ve also introduced Beautyrest Black Luxury Adjustable Bases to complement their line of quality mattresses. The Beautyrest Black supports our current lifestyles in an unprecedented way. You’ll no longer find yourself wedging pillows to support your back and shoulders beyond the support of a traditionally flat foundation. With the Black Adjustable Base, you can forget about the hassle and simply adjust to your precise comfort.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for the latest in premium sleep, start with hybrid mattresses. They’re combination of support and comfort fit almost every sleeping type. Mattresses like Hybrid Infinity combine a cooling surface, cool gel foam and pocketed innersprings. The result is a cooling, comforting sleep

What’s the Future of Mattress Technology?

Some predictions for future mattress innovations and sleep technology include a mattress system that self-cleans. It may sound like science fiction, but it could be useful. In fact, the average 10-year-old mattress weighs about 30% more than it did at the time it was purchased. This is due to accumulated dead skin, dust mites and miscellaneous debris. Using technology much like today’s vacuum cleaners, mattresses may someday be capable of cleaning themselves.

The future of mattress technology may also include sensors that monitor and control the heat level in the bedroom. The goal would be to keep your mattress at an ideal temperature for hot summer nights and cold winter mornings. The same mattress innovation could potentially change the temperature of the comforter and pillow so there’s always a cool side.

While the future of mattress innovation is exciting, today’s luxury mattresses still offer plenty of benefits. If you’ve had your mattress over eight years, it’s probably time to replace it. Sit ’n Sleep Mattress Superstores have everything you’ll need to begin sleeping soundly, all at affordable prices. Whatever mattress technology or mattress innovations the future holds, you can be sure you’ll find them at Sit ’n Sleep.

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