The Benefits of a Brand New Mattress

Just about everyone knows how beneficial a good night’s sleep can be for your overall health, but equally important (and not as well known) is the kind of mattress you’re sleeping on night after night. You might think the health benefits of a brand new mattress are at least slightly over-exaggerated, but a new mattress can do more for your well-being than you might initially realize – especially if your old mattress has seen one too many turns and has started to develop a few rough patches of its own.

The Benefits of a Brand New Mattress

There are lots of reasons to purchase a brand new mattress. So many, in fact, that some people opt to upgrade what they’re sleeping on even if their old mattress isn’t technically worn out yet. After you learn just how beneficial a new mattress can be, you might decide to upgrade as well. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Fewer Aches and Pains

The Benefits of a Brand New Mattress

A brand new and properly supportive mattress will not only help you get a betters night’s sleep, it’ll also go a long way towards helping you reduce any pains or aches you may have been tied down to with your old mattress. Newer mattresses especially, which are designed from the ground up with your health in mind, have far fewer (if any) solid surfaces within the actual mattress itself. This works to stop any potential stress points leading to muscle pains that might crop up as a result of tossing and turning in your sleep at night. Brand new mattresses are also designed for better overall support for your body as you sleep, reducing or completely wiping out any stiffness you may develop in your joints and ensuring proper spinal alignment.

Greater Health and Happiness

New mattress benefits don’t just stop when the sun comes up either; on the contrary, that’s when they become especially apparent. A better night’s sleep will lead to a happier and healthier day ahead, as you won’t have spent the previous night tossing and turning while you try and get comfortable. Beyond just the surface level, nights of more restful sleep also play a major part in keeping your immune system working properly, helping you keep the common cold and other infections at bay.

It’s hard to overstate just how much your quality of sleep affects your overall well-being, both mentally and physically. That means something as simple as buying a brand new mattress could completely transform your outlook on life – for the better!

Better Surface for Sleep

Your sleep needs change over time. Maybe you have a partner, child, or pet in the bed who wasn’t there before. You may have moved homes and now have a bigger or smaller bedroom to work with. As you get older, your sleep preferences also evolve. For all these reasons, you might not just need a new mattress; you need something completely different. Shopping for a new mattress lets you get a bigger or smaller size, take advantage of nicer mattress materials, or choose a mattress design that suits your sleep style. When it comes to something as important as sleep, there’s no reason to rely on a mattress that only makes it harder to rest and relax.

Less Allergens and Irritants

Mattresses soak up dust, dirt, and allergens of all kinds that can make it harder for people with asthma or other respiratory issues to sleep soundly. And even if you clean the surface of the mattress, you’re not removing most of the irritant’s hidden inside. At a certain point, replacing the mattress becomes the only option because it’s so filled with things you would rather not breathe (even if you don’t have respiratory issues). Fortunately, once you start sleeping on a brand new mattress, you will breathe easier at night and wake up feeling more rested as a result.

New Sleep Options

Sleep science has advanced a lot in recent years, flooding the market with exciting and innovative products – everything from weighted blankets to adjustable bed bases. If you’re eager to take advantage of what these new products have to offer, consider buying a new mattress as well. The mattress is still literally the foundation of your sleep, and if you upgrade everything else without also upgrading your mattress, the impact could be underwhelming. The point is, when you improve your mattress, you make the most of everything else you do to improve your sleep.

Your Brand New Mattress is at Sit n’ Sleep

Ideally, you spend eight hours each night sleeping on your mattress – a third of each day. That means buying a new mattress is like going to work in a better office or coming home to a fully renovated living room. You enhance a huge part of your existence by simply buying a new mattress, and it’s one of the most affordable (and effective) ways to live your best life. When you’re ready to begin exploring options, visit a Sit N Sleep superstore. With over 38 locations throughout Southern California, one is close to you. Before your visit, take some time to explore our website and mattress inventory. If you have questions at any point, please call us at 800-908-0354.


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