The Best Black Friday Mattresses on Sale

Sit ‘n Sleep’s Black Friday Sale has top mattresses over 50% off!

After all that turkey tryptophan has you feeling deliciously tired, you’ll need a nice comfy mattress to sleep on. Luckily, Sit ‘n Sleep will be having their annual Black Friday Sale on name brand mattresses.

Save hundreds on mattresses this Black Friday.

No matter what kind of mattress you’re looking for this Black Friday, we’ll have something for you. Here are some of our best Black Friday deals on mattresses.

Kingsdown Passions Capistrano

kingsdown mattress

$1,999.99  $869.99

You can save over 50% off this Kingsdown mattress for Black Friday. The Kingsdown Passions Capistrano mattress provides the ideal mix of innerspring support and foam conformance. Cooling gel fibers on the surface of the mattress help maintain an ideal body temperature for healthier sleep. Furthermore, the resilient foam layer enhances pressure relief and conforming comfort to provide deep, restorative sleep. It’s gel-infused memory foam band delivers powerful lumber support for optimal spinal health. The Tri-Zoned Wrapped Coil Innerspring delivers targeted lumber support and reduced motion transfer with undetectable center rail. There is high-density foam on all sides of this edge support system to provide superior support edge-to-edge. In other words, you’ll have everything you need for a great night’s sleep.

Beautyrest Silver Drifton Plush

Beautyrest on sale for Black Friday

$1,799.99  $898.99

Get half off this durable Beautyrest mattress for Black Friday. The Beautyrest Silver Drifton Plush mattress is engineered to maintain its shape and comfort over the life of your mattress. Your sleep will be every bit as restful years from now as it is today. The mattress features the DualCool™ Technology antimicrobial layer. This layer keep your mattress fresh and cool while moving heat and moisture away. As a result, you’ll sleep at your ideal sleeping temperature. You’ll also get support right where you need it most with Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Support. Therefore, the lasting resilience of Beautyrest Silver ensures you’ll Be More Awake™ every day – for years to come. Above all, you’ll sleep great and feel refreshed.

Sealy Mill Lake Firm

Sealy on sale for Black Friday

$1,999.99  $998.99

All the comfort, half the cost. You’ll save 50% off this amazing Sealy mattress this Black Friday. With The Sealy Mill Lake Firm mattress, you’ll get targeted support for your back and core from the exclusive CoreSupport™ Center. In addition, you’ll love the cushioning comfort for your whole body from layers of high-quality foams. It’s all backed by reliable durability that comes from decades of precise engineering and testing above and beyond industry standards. Trusted by sleepers for over 130 years, Sealy gives you the rest you need to live the life you want.

Get a great deal on an adjustable base and a mattress for Black Friday.

Sit ‘n Sleep Motion Sleep System

$899.00  $499.00

Save hundreds of dollars on this Sit ‘n Sleep adjustable base and mattress during our Black Friday sale. Many shops will only ship you the adjustable base and mattress separately. However, with the Sit ‘n Sleep Motion Sleep System, you’ll get both the mattress and base shipped to you in one box. The six-inch-thick mattress includes five inches of foam core and one inch of memory foam. The adjustable base features an independent head lift and independent foot lift. It also has a superior steel support structure and wireless remote control. Set up takes just a few minutes, with no tools required. In addition, this set can be shipped via UPS throughout the entire USA. As a result, you don’t have to worry about leaving your house to get a great adjustable bed.

Invest in your comfort with a great mattress this Black Friday.

With sales on almost everything during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s important to prioritize what you need. Don’t lose sight of your sleep and your health. A new mattress can help you get the sleep your body needs to replenish. Therefore, visit us online or check out one of our Southern California locations to find the right mattress for you. Our highly-trained Sleep Consultants are here to help make sure you get the perfect mattress this Black Friday. As a result, you’ll come away with a brand new mattress just in time for the holidays.

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