Three Top Benefits of an Adjustable Mattress

Getting a good night’s rest means more than just waking up alert and ready for the day. It means taking care of your body, staving off health problems, and healing the body through the natural restorative process that takes place during sleep. But why sit in unnatural positions and scrunch up pillows just to get comfortable on your bed? Adjustable mattress technology has grown in popularity recently which allows for a more personalized sleep experience. Read on to find out about three great benefits of adjustable mattresses:

 1.      You Won’t Disturb Your Partner

Reading, working, or watching television in bed is easier than ever now. Instead of stealing pillows from your partner’s side for your legs and constantly adjusting the ones behind your back, an adjustable base can select the ideal position for your back and legs for activities other than sleeping.

2.      You Will Eliminate Those Aches And Pains

Feeling achy once in a while is normal. Maybe you slept in a funny position or you pulled a muscle at the gym. But chronic aching can be a sign of misalignment. With adjustable beds, you can now find the perfect position for your body in bed. Lower back pain can be a thing of the past with the proper support.

3.      You Will Simply Feel Better!

Getting enough quality sleep is vital for many aspects of life, including learning new skills, being productive at school or work, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your energy level up. The National Sleep Foundation reports that short sleep duration is linked with an increase in motor vehicle accidents, body weight, heart problems or diabetes, depression, and a decreased ability to pay attention. Adults typically need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, and adjustable beds can help you make sure those hours are well spent in restorative sleep.

Unlimited comfort options can be yours at the touch of a button with an adjustable mattress from Sit ‘n Sleep.  Let us help you get the sleep you need, so you can start your day feeling perfectly rested!

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