Why the Mattress Is the Best Holiday Gift

Ok, so a mattress probably isn’t the best choice for a Secret Santa gift to give a colleague at work. It might also send the wrong message to the new lady or gentleman you have just started seeing. There are, however, people on your shopWhy the Mattress Is the Best Holiday Giftping list for whom a mattress is absolutely the best holiday gift.

Take your brother (please!). Seriously, he’s been sleeping on the same twin-sized mattress since your arrival ejected him from the crib at age two. He starts high school next year. Team up with the other family members in your income bracket and get him something decent to sleep on. You never know when you may need to rely on him for an alibi in the future.

The twins started college? When did that happen? Sure, they live in the dorm but, Mom, Dad, those mattresses are thin and lumpy! There are several well-documented studies that show a decent night’s sleep aids memory retention. You want to get your money’s worth out of their tuition, don’t you?So, your old college chum and BFF is getting married. She has already ordered a California King from Sit ‘n’ Sleep, but why not upgrade her mattress to a Tempur-Pedic Grande Bed, luxuriously crafted using the finest materials. Help the new couple start their marriage at new heights of bedroom luxury and comfort!

Of course, the last and most important person on your shopping list is your spouse. You have flipped and rotated your original mattress more times than you care to think about. Now that the kids are old enough to know better than to jump up and down on it, maybe it’s time to think about replacing it with something comfortable and uplifting to see you into retirement.

The main reason why the mattress is the best holiday gift? Your loved one will wake up each morning, fully rested from a blissfully comfortable night’s sleep and know they have you to thank!

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