5 Things You Need to Know When Selecting a New Mattress

Comfortable SleepPurchasing a new mattress is a big investment, not only financially but an investment in your quality of sleep. 9 out of 10 Americans attribute the quality of their mattress to the importance of a good night’s sleep. However, selecting the perfect mattress is often a challenging task. When on the hunt for the ideal mattress, there are 5 things you need to keep in mind when making a selection.

#1– Don’t Focus on the Price Tag

Although everyone wants a good deal and has a certain budget in mind when purchasing a new mattress, it shouldn’t be your top priority. Instead, make comfort your main goal as you’ll have to live with the mattress you select for many years. Don’t choose a mattress just because it costs less. By doing so, you may get stuck with many years of back pain and decreased sleep quality.

#2– Select a Mattress that Fits Your Body

Everyone’s body is different, resulting in different pressure points. It’s best to find a mattress that conforms to the natural curvature of your spine to evenly distribute pressure. To ensure you’re finding a great mattress, test the mattress out by laying in your normal sleeping position for several minutes.

#3– Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Many people are easily tricked by the thickness of a mattress, thinking the thicker the mattress, the more comfortable it will be. This isn’t necessarily true. You can’t base the comfort of a mattress by the way it looks. Again, you’ll need to try the mattress out first, whether it be standard size, pillow top, or memory foam.

#4– Read the Mattress Label

Pay careful attention to the mattress label, especially if you have trouble with allergies. By reading the label you’ll find if there are any hidden allergens and whether or not a mattress is hypoallergenic to decrease dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

#5– Read the Return Policy

As purchasing a mattress is a big investment, be sure to read the return policy. Although a mattress may have seemed comfortable in the store, after a few nights you may discover it isn’t the right mattress for you. Don’t get stuck with a bad mattress for the next 8 years. Find out if you’re able to return the mattress should you discover it isn’t your ideal fit.

In addition to purchasing a new mattress, it’s recommended to purchase a new set of box springs at the same time when replacing your mattress. By replacing both and taking the time to select the right mattress, you’ll benefit for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

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