Health Ambition: Benefits of Power Naps

Health Ambition Guest Blog

Health Ambition talks about the benefits of power naps.

We wanted to share some great information about power naps from our friends at Health Ambition. They appreciate a great nap as much as we do!

Maybe you’re a hopeless insomniac, or maybe you just want more focus so you can kick butt at your job. Whoever you are, you’re probably here for one reason: you want to get serious about naps.

Awesome! And getting more sleep is a great reason to ramp up your napping efforts. But did you know that power napping also yields a bunch of other health benefits? It does. And some of the health benefits can significantly improve your overall health, lifespan, and risk for disease.

Read the full blog here on Health Ambition’s site:

Sleep Tight!

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