Three Reasons to Replace Your Old Mattress

If you are suffering anything from sleeplessness to back pain to allergies, the cause might be your mattress. Did you know it’s recommended that you replace your mattress every eight years? Why? Your mattress ages over time, and this leads to some serious issues.  Here are three reasons why you’ll want to retire your old mattress now:

1. Mattresses Get Dirty

One of the first things to happen to a new mattress is that it simply gets dirty. Over time, oils and sweat from our sleeping bodies will get into the mattress and sometimes even make it start to smell. It can also make your skin break out! Especially if you have been known to snack in bed, crumbs and spills can also make the surface of your mattress dirty.2. Old Mattresses Lose Their Shape

As your mattress ages, it also loses its shape. A saggy mattress doesn’t provide the support you need in order to get that restorative sleep that is so necessary for us all. When your muscles have to support you during sleep, you wake up sore and stiff. Common pains surface in the neck and lower back. When you wake up in this aching state, you’re usually tired.  This usually means you didn’t get the best sleep you could have had.

3. Your Old Mattress Might Make you Sneeze More

Allergies are common for most people, but did you know that your mattress can be causing your symptoms? Dust mites can hide in your mattress, along with many different kinds of bacteria.  These bacteria can be a major source of your itchy eyes and constant sneezing. The good news is that if you replace your mattress, you will be sleeping on a fresh and clean surface that’s free of oils, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. A new mattress also provides more support and will help provide a more rejuvenating sleep than an old and saggy mattress.



You spend a third of your life sleeping, so there’s no reason to skimp on a great mattress.  It can mean the difference between aches and pains and feeling fresh and vibrant in the morning. If your mattress needs replacing, come in to your nearest Sit ‘N Sleep and let us help you find the mattress you need!

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