What Mattress Fits Your Lifestyle

What Mattress Fits Your Lifestyle

It’s probably one of the most important questions you’ll ever hear in your life, yet it’s surprising how few people actually ever even think to ask it of themselves: What’s the best kind of mattress for me; the perfect mattress to match my lifestyle?  A mattress to come home to; to slip between the sheets of and be whisked away to a land of dreams, where such things as “worries” or “deadlines” hold no meaning.

What Mattress Fits Your Lifestyle

….Or something like that, anyway.

Yes, picking the right mattress for you can be a pretty involving process, and why shouldn’t it be?  My grandmother always said you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, and after a night or two on a stiff or lumpy bed, I think just about anyone who values a decent night’s rest would quickly agree.  So how do you go about actually picking the right mattress for your lifestyle?  For instance, if you’re extremely athletic (and have the joint problems to prove it), you need an entirely different mattress than your ten-year-old. We’ve got a few tips here that should help you find your ticket to Dreamland:

See what’s available online

Most people don’t routinely shop for new beds or mattresses (a really good one should last you at least 8 years, even when put through its paces), so the first thing you’ll want to do is research all of your available options — both in-store and online.

Determine how “high tech” you want to be

These days, there are more available styles of mattresses than there are actual sleeping positions — enough to cover just about every habit there is.  Many of them can now adjust for temperature, firmness levels, and what position you most like to sleep in, so make sure you take all these fancy features into account when shopping around if you really wanna treat yourself.

Try before you buy

Trying out a bed before you buy it is just as important as taking a new car for a test drive.  Unfortunately, most places won’t actually let you take the bed home for a night (actually, it’s probably fortunate that they DON’T), but an even better idea is talking with an in-store mattress expert to help you determine your needs. Armed with your information as to whether you sleep alone or with a partner, prefer a softer or firmer mattress, have any back or neck issues and so forth, your mattress expert can quickly help you eliminate all the ones that won’t work for you, and guide you to a selection of mattresses from which you can make your final selection.

After all – you spend nearly one-third of your life in bed, so selecting the right mattress for your body AND your lifestyle is essential!

What’s the best advice you ever received regarding buying a mattress and box springs?

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